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Ha! Love these awkward smart phone mistakes. @Luke_Cheeseman @BradEYoung

Dreamed I was washing my hands in a baptismal font that also had a rain function. What does it all mean?

Wordle 388 2/6*


I always underestimate the dustiness of my home until I start moving things around that have been sitting. How was I living like this!? Lol

Thankful that I've got the "photic sneeze reflex."

"When writing ain't working, research. When research ain't working, sleep...I used to bang my head against the wall, trying to fix a problem. No one ever grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "Maybe you should go for a walk." -P.T. Anderson

I'm thinking about getting a different color @BassProShops hat for every day of the week.


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