@JonfuciusOnline They did a fantastic job with TMP overall. The soundtrack is eargasmic.

Trying out my new IEM's (Etymotic ER4) to some 80's era Pet Shop Boys.

@JonfuciusOnline Found it! Seems like the HD model was broken down: "Making something as detailed as the seaQuest took a lot of points, so the high-res version of it had to be broken into pieces: you’d only load what the camera would see."


@JonfuciusOnline The 16:9 B5 DVD's were hideous. The original mesh files were found a few years ago buy someone who posted 4K re-renders on YouTube; JMS reached out him, not that I'd hope Warner's do anything for the 30th anniversary. The live action footage in the new B5's are downscaled from 4K masters - FX had to be upscaled to HD. I read on a DSV page recently that Sea Quest models were rendered in higher definition and then cropped for pans/movement - at least that's how I understood it.

@JonfuciusOnline I tip my hat to you. 👍 😄 Is it just me or does the Sea Quest bluray CGI fare better than the B5 HD CGI?

Some great soundtracks over the years but this brings back good memories. I had a racing wheel for the PS1; TOCA 2 and Gran Turismo 2 were the dog's bollocks back in the late 90's.


: Rygel's Farscape Flatulence.

It's a perfectly natural bodily function! 💨 😂


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your prefered date format?

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@spicytamazon I'm absolutely loving it; the cast, the look, the intro. Hopefully will 'acquire' episode 3 today or tomorrow.

Any other Diabetics in the ? Surely I'm not the only one with an anarchist pancreas..? 😅

Afternoon . This lazy git just woke up. Was going to post, 'blue sky here in South Wales', but dark clouds started to appear as I was typing, so I'll leave it at, 'it's not raining in South Wales, at the moment'. 😄

Been binge , and thoroughly enjoying, 'Atypical'. Kicking myself for leaving it this long. 😄

Klaus Schulze, Pioneering Electronic Composer, Is Dead at 74

In a prolific career spanning five decades, he helped pave the way for , and .


Kraftwerk: 'Vitamin' (Live 2005)
Minimum-Maximum Live
Last tour with Florian Schneider if I'm not mistaken.


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