Kind of cool being able to take this game portable again thirty years later. The song in the first level will forever live in my head.

We arrived to the lookout point at Canyonlands a bit nervous because we were hearing thunderclaps in the distance, but the clouds cleared and we were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets we'd ever seen there or elsewhere. We celebrated all by ourselves on the cliff edge.

"We used to be human", a sign reads, posted outside of a complex used to assemble missiles in the middle of the desert.

I suspect this particular phrase has more to do with the fact that the location was rumored to be a "new Area 51" at one point. If there was any secret alien technology hidden there, I certainly didn't see it.

I've been reading through a kids chemistry book from the mid 1800s and the contents have been pretty surprising.

Just a few quick examples here - teaching the reader how to make nitrous oxide for the "agreeable sensation" it provides, using soot to shield a bare hand from a freshly heated kettle, and making fabric that won't go up in flames when a bare fire is put to it.

Trying out a different server - while my main thing is photography, I felt weird posting random junk on my stream on a server primarily about photography. Since my stream is going to be 50/50 nerddom/photography, I figure a catch-all may be better for me!


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