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Hi again all! Thanks for the great feedback about the #PinePhoneChallenge idea!

Ok, so I'll be working up a hosting system that will be available for voting soon. Because of my lack of coding skills, I'll likely use something like #Piwigo because of the modular plugin system. I'll be certain to let everyone know when I have it setup and ready for use.

So next thing on the list: What are a few topics you'd be interested in seeing? Here's a couple I've been thinking about:

- My Favorite Drinking Vessel
- Something I find hilarious
- My face when <X>
- The thing I'm most thankful for
- The best view from my window
- Something that blew my mind
- My workspace
- The thing I need to replace most on my computer
- The gadget I love the most
- The one thing I cant live without
- My worst tech fail

What would you like to see? Accepting suggestions!

#PinePhone #Photography #pictures #justforfun @PINE64 @talkpine @linmob @LinuxLounge

This week in KDE -- All the Things! Things like Kate and KWrite having touchscreen scrolling support; or a single line display for the panel clock; or a new “Quick Settings” page for System Settings... (There are more things!)

Hey all! If I were to run a #PinePhone #Photography #Challenge or #Competition, would anyone be interested?

If there were enough interest, I'd even be willing to run it as a weekly challenge.

The rules would be simple:
* Photos must be of the subject described
* Photos must be taken on a PinePhone
* No editing is allowed (with the exception of rotation)
* One entry per person, per week

An example of a subject may be something like "Your Best Friend", which could be your pet dog, a selfie, your partners hand, or your best drinking buddy downing a cold glass of beer.

Or maybe "Minor annoyances", which could mean a misaligned kitchen tile, a parking ticket, or a hole in your sock.

Basically, I'd host a place to upload the pictures, and everyone could vote on them, with the winner either getting the recognition for the fun of it, or if I can find a way of doing it, a prize for coming out on top.

Any takers?

@linmob @PINE64 @talkpine

The general idea is to promote the #Pine64 PinePhone, and perhaps gain it a little more attention as a fun device. Also, bringing more attention to the #camera and #megapixels app, which I would like to see get a little love ☺️

An update on the situation earlier today where the server was down due to the disk being full. I found the culprits, mostly media_attachments and statuses. Thankfully, mastodon has a cli program to remove the extra cruft.

tootctl media remove
tootctl statuses remove

The first command gets rid of media saved that is not from our local users. The second command removes fediverse toots from the server that have no local interaction.

I'll try to keep an eye on this stuff in the future.

Thought some of you maybe interested in this.

I was looking up the #history of the #flag of #Wales and came across this #video on how to pronounce 'Ddraig Goch' (red dragon).

It's all very #interesting.

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