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White House Establishes Task Force To Address Online Harassment & Abuse | Crazy Thoughts Podcast #78

Was literally just getting things ready for this week's episode, and the internet goes down before I'm able to pull anything up. I guess its out in multiple states and most of mine. It might turn into a Thursday episode if this keeps up.

Episode 72 will be dropping later today. I apologize for the late episode and late announcement, but there has just been a ton of crazy news happening recently and I needed to rework the episode. See you all soon!

putting tape over my webcam, thinking about how some CIA agent watched me cry every day for a year and didn't check up on me once — cut toxic people out of your life in 2022

"The slap heard around the world". Real or Fake?

them: why should I download a private messaging app? i have nothing to hide.


Facebook is Number One! - When it comes to tracking. Check out what online companies know about you. 👇
In case you wonder why Tutanota is not on the list: We do not track you at all. The only thing we can see in your encrypted mailbox is the email address you sign up with - and this can be anonymous, of course! 😎😎😎

I never tried to watch a silent film until lately, and to my surprise .... I enjoyed it a lot and laughed more than I do from new films/shows.

No episode today. 😥 I got a strike on YouTube and tried to get it straightened out with no success, so I'm unable to upload on YouTube untill next week. Instead this week's episode WILL be up tomorrow on all the other platforms!! (Minds, Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, Spotify, Pandora, etc) More details about what happened will be in that video. See you tomorrow!

With gas prices on the rise comes the rise in practically everything else. And as we role into the next phase of the "New World Order" there's something else we got to be worrying about too. CORPORATIONS LIKE GOOGLE COLLECTING YOUR PERSONAL DATA! I recently took a giant step to stopping Google's tracking by purchasing and using a De-Googled phone along with a few different apps.

A whole lot of things have already changed for everyone this year. With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China backing Russia, etc we all felt changes to our lives because of these events. But this stuff is not what my guest Kevin Jones and I are talking about this week. This week my guest and I are going to be talking about some positive things going on in our lives this year, some future goals, how times have changed, and much MUCH more!

There are many things in this world that people think are real, but in reality .... are completely FAKE! In this weeks episode I go over a handful of "reality" TV shows that aren't as "real" as they come across to be. On that kinda-same note I go over the "super-fan" reactions of the new The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power trailer. Then I finish it off by going over an article stating that the CDC is refusing to publish data on the effectiveness of boosters!

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