Facebook Starts Encrypting Trackers & Amazon Gives Police Camera Video | Crazy Thoughts Podcast #82

TikTok CONFIRMS China Has Access To US User Data & Life360 Alternatives | Crazy Thoughts Podcast #80

@techlore When someone hacked my PayPal and tried to withdraw hundreds of dollars from my bank account attached to it. They even changed my language settings to French which made it extremely difficult to stop them. Luckily I was watching my accounts and transactions like a hawk, so I caught it. I guess my obsession over my security got me obsessed over my privacy. I think they go hand in hand.

Episode 80 will be up at noon CST today instead of the normal 8 a.m. time. Happy late 4th everyone!!

White House Establishes Task Force To Address Online Harassment & Abuse | Crazy Thoughts Podcast #78

Was literally just getting things ready for this week's episode, and the internet goes down before I'm able to pull anything up. I guess its out in multiple states and most of mine. It might turn into a Thursday episode if this keeps up.

Episode 72 will be dropping later today. I apologize for the late episode and late announcement, but there has just been a ton of crazy news happening recently and I needed to rework the episode. See you all soon!

putting tape over my webcam, thinking about how some CIA agent watched me cry every day for a year and didn't check up on me once — cut toxic people out of your life in 2022

"The slap heard around the world". Real or Fake?

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