I’m not sure how well threads work on here, but let’s try it out.

A thread:

I was sorting through a my box over the weekend found this tin.


It belonged to the mother of a friend. We helped him clear out her house after she died, and he asked me to take her sewing bits and pieces. He had no use for them.

Inside the tin, there are no black hooks and the label suggested.


This little tin and all the other sewing paraphernalia - like a 100 time capsules all bundled together in a box. Dozens of pieces of ribbon, lace and packs of buttons. And I’ll never know if they are left over from completed projects or were bought but never used.


Unfortunately I have no idea why the paper clipping was important or if she ever visited Bangkok.

But I have a little tin which belonged to someone I never met. And this little tin is once again safely tucked up with my ribbons, buttons and thread. And there it shall remain until it’s passed onto someone else who will look after it.

Fin. 8/8

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