First "fitting". Not much to fit though, as the waistcoat is made for someone bigger than me. But the pattern matches quite nicely, pockets and edges match up well.
#sewing #bespoke #patternmatching

@CurlyParakeet Thank you! I've been saving it for years now, to make a waistcoat. It was a "designer fabric" then (YSL? Chanel? Big name like that) and I only wanted 1 meter. But since there was only ~3 meters left of the bunch, I had to take it all 😖 Saved my *** actually, as the pattern repeats once per meter, at 1.5 meters width.
I wouldn't have been able to match the pattern, if I had bought less 😬

@CurlyParakeet Bitter thing is though: I messed up the first cut. So I had to re-cut it all. I barely managed to get a second set out.
But this is for a competition, using measurements way bigger than I am. So I can make 2 waistcoats, the first one is still usable ... but neither can be worn by me 😭

@jeroen oh no! That must be so annoying!

Good luck for the competition though! It looks great!

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