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Slo-mo video of honey bees coming and going from a nest in the wall of a building. Apparently they’re a swarm that set up home there a little while ago. They don’t bother anyone and nobody bothers them.

A bit late, but never mind! Here’s a little to the sort of things I do. Firstly, I love things. Usually I , but recently I got the machine out.

Current wip is a blue canvas messenger bag lined with manatee print fabric!

The birds in the garden were making a right noise this morning. Enough to wake me up!

I’m in the office today and at lunchtime I was doing some people watching.

It was nice seeing my colleagues dress how they want to dress, be it a suit, jeans and a tee or ripped dungarees. And watching everyone looking at things, bees, flowers, trees etc. it was all just very… well… nice. Kind of how it should be.

Something to consider when posting hashtags:

For people using screen readers, they know when to separate words either by spaces, or uppercase letters. 'mastoart' will try to be pronounced as one word, whereas 'MastoArt' will be pronounced as 'Masto Art'. It just makes life a little bit easier for those who rely on screen readers to interact with the fediverse :bear_hugs:

A little project we've been working on. It's the 8th anniversary of the first of the Baedeker raids on Norwich in 1942 today. So a few of us got together and with the permission of Norfolk Record Office digitised the bomb map, an explanation of which is here with the map itself.

Another thing a really like here is how prominent adding alt text to pictures is.


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