Hey Guys. I just released a new video. Head on over and check it out. Ain't This Swanky? - Cyberpunk 2077 (Hard) #10 zpr.io/RPMPh

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Lutris is out! This is a bugfix release that sorts out a few issues we had with the last versions.


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So Reddit gave me a clear answer for this. But now it's your turn Twitter. (Retweet and like so I can get a better result.) Let's settle this once and for all, what is an Avali?

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What the fuck is this ad for a goddamn grocery store

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Thanks @Yuri_Lynx for designing the ProtoShield and @JtingF for his patreon group for help along the way! Great lifelong friendships being made helping each other out on the journey!! Join the patreon and come build a protogen with us!

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"This drive only shows 1TB of storage."
"But it says 10TB."
"No, it's 1.0TB."
"Wow I didn't know they made drives this small."

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When you tell your friends that you have phantom toutch 😂 @SKarrFox @Oposum8 @alexkoiyote

Hey Guys. I just released a new video. Head on over and check it out. Is This The Afterlife? - Cyberpunk 2077 (Hard) #9 zpr.io/HWxqk

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@CyberpunkGame Why is there a button to answer calls in Cyberpunk 2077? Are you running an experiment to see if players can beat the automatic answer feature without crashing the car, getting run over, or walking off the edge of a building?

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