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I want to create a list of FOSS Alternatives for common proprietary products.

Reply with your list!


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Asking from the 2 people who might see this (please boost)

I had this Minecraft SMP (survival multiplayer server) that me and my friends played on, called the island SMP. Basically, what happened is the person paying for the server paid late and the hosting company didn’t let us into the server for some reason- we kinda need to continue it on so it doesn’t die when the issue is fixed the server isn’t dead

So, if anyone’s willing to help host the server, please reply, would be awesome!

how do I free space on phone

what are the ccleaner, stacer, bleachbit, etc's, of android? (lineageOS)


How much do you spend on advertising? €0

What's your marketing budget? €0

You must use tons of sneaky website elements to trick people? No.

You can grow without being annoying and without supporting the adtech. 😀

Our growth just happens because people understand the need for privacy. You are amazing! 🥰

The shaggy ink cap (Coprinus comatus) decomposes in spectacular fashion. Just a few hours after depositing spores, this mushroom turns black, secretes a black liquid, and dissolve itself.

Do you know of any that are useful on low-spec devices? please help, I already have uBlock Origin, Decentraleyes, and ClearURLs, which helps with removing laggy ads, spying, tracking, etc. any ideas, fedi? 🙏

Sharing Files:
OnionShare (Uses tor so is pretty slow around 100kb/sec download speed)


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Kdenlive (I use this btw)


idk anything else

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Watching YouTube Privately
FreeTube (Desktop App) (Website-- has more issues loading videos)

NewPipe (Mobile App)

NewPipe is not on the google play store (cause google doesn't want that) but is on FDroid:

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Chrome Alternatives:
Firefox (you need to install extensions and change stuff if you want it to be great for privacy) (Very Customizable)

Brave (Privacy by default, but Firefox can be better if you make it be) (Chrome Based)

Vivaldi (Eh for privacy, make sure to install proper extensions) (Chrome based, very similar to Opera, same founders as Opera) (Very innovative features) (Chrome Based)

Bromite (alright, needs to be configured a bit) (chrome based)

DuckDuckGo Browser (great)

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Banned.Video for censored videos (mostly conspiracy theories)

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YouTube Alternatives:
Odysee (Lots of youtubers and no ads) (Large user base) (slightly decentralized)

BitChute (Mostly controversial content and few ads) (Large user base) (centralized)

PeerTube (Few youtubers, pretty random content) (Smaller user base) (P2P) (FULLY DECENTRALIZED)

D.Tube (Few youtubers, pretty random content) (Tiny user base) (more decentralized) (more than odysee less than peertube)

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I want to create a list of FOSS Alternatives for common proprietary products.

Reply with your list!


My second ever experience on mastodon (this was in November)

yeah it wasn't very good. luckily this was the only bad take i've ever seen on mastodon (so far) and everything else seems to be good!

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