Up on the high Moor during winter; the sun trying to announce its existence but failing. These are some of the best days on

A little project we've been working on. It's the 8th anniversary of the first of the Baedeker raids on Norwich in 1942 today. So a few of us got together and with the permission of Norfolk Record Office digitised the bomb map, an explanation of which is here with the map itself. invisibleworks.co.uk/the-norwi

A momentous day in the history of art and the internet: I have just posted the first ever image on Pixelfed with the hashtag pixelfed.social/i/web/post/424

Hiking on #Dartmoor is my most restful thing. I grew up there, so I suppose it’s imprinted on my brain.

Gales & horizontal rain? Yeah, not so much 😏


@Hinterlands I still remember when you were asking what kind of big camera to buy. Your journey in photography is inspiring, and so are you.

I'll go back to gentle mocking now.

Good to see @simonblackbourn on here. One of the Directors of the Collective and the editor of all our Zines.
Simon takes some beautiful images of Dartmoor, often in black and white, but it’s unlikely that you’ll see many of them as he’s entirely hopeless at social media.

I’m looking forward to being able to use this space to focus as much on words as image - being able to share something fuller and not have to savagely edit it down to almost nothing.

A lot of my work is inspired by a snapshot of memory, that might be a single moment, or the layering memories onto a single place. I work predominantly in watercolour and linocut. Here’s my most recent print and painting.

This isn’t Twitter and so to treat it as such is to miss an opportunity. The 500 character limit allows for a more nuanced approach, less abrupt and, hopefully, less hostile. I already quite like it.
Anyway, here’s an example of what to expect quite a lot of.


Over the Bank Holiday weekend in August we will be curating our first exhibition at Poltimore House.

If you are a visual artist whose work focuses on we would love to consider your work for inclusion in the exhibition. All visual art mediums are welcome and there is no fee for submission.

Full details on how to apply are here


Hello Everyone. Some of you will know us from Twitter, others won’t so….this is the social media account for the Dartmoor Collective.
The Collective celebrates the glorious, and often damp, landscape of Dartmoor National Park through the promotion of contemporary visual arts and artists working on the Moor.
All of which sounds terribly righteous. We are open, inclusive and welcoming to all, whether from Dartmoor or not, whether an artist or not.


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