Do you remember when Facebook bought WhatsApp and they told us that WhatsApp won't be sharing any data with Facebook?

"WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don't Agree Sharing Data With Facebook"

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"In stark contrast, Signal collects no metadata, whereas Apple's iMessage makes use of only email address (or phone number), search history, and a device ID to attribute a user uniquely."


@Dashtop @hund

To get this kind of detail, this is my "Bible in short". For me, this is a quite useful way to compare that matters.

@PNeurona @Dashtop It's a bible of centralized services. It's not what the world needs. :)

@hund @Dashtop

In fact, what I would prefer to use is XMPP, but I feel being against the tends of all people near me. I really used my account with only one of them and only for time to time. It is really a pity.

(excuse my english, I don't manage too much well writing in this language).

@PNeurona @Dashtop We all have to start somewhere. I had just one contact on XMPP one time in life. :)

@hund @PNeurona but I must agree with moxie on this, messaging needs IMO are more covered by signal


@hund @PNeurona contact discovery, sealed senders, good feature set, active development with good and well known developers. Support from many organizations, ease of use etc.

@Dashtop @PNeurona Contact discovery works because you use a phone number, that's everything but anonymous.

XMPP doesn't need "sealed senders", because it's not a centralized services to begin with.

Good feature sets?

XMPP and all the software around it is well maintained as well. It's also supported AND used by many well known companies.

It's also a lot easier to use. It's also not exclusive in any way. You can use it however you want to use it.

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