The latest version of the thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS is here. elementary OS 6 empowers you to be in control and express yourself, continues to innovate with new features, and is both easier to get and more inclusive.

Before we get into features and all that, a PSA: if you’re downloading OS 6 today and can use a torrent client, that’s gonna be the best option! Click the little 🧲 link on the Download button. It’ll be faster for you and reduce load on the servers. 🤞

Alright, let’s get into what’s new with elementary OS 6! First of all, it’s been a long road what with a whole global pandemic dropped on us. But it’s here. elementary OS 6 Odin is available to download now—and it’s the biggest update to the platform yet.

elementary OS 6 empowers you to be in control and express yourself. First, we protect your data from ourselves and others by not collecting it. It’s the ethical thing to do; you have a fundamental right to the utmost privacy, even from products you trust.

With elementary OS 6, we’re empowering you further with new ways to stay in control of your experience—plus new ways to express your own unique style and preferences. Starting with: DARK STYLE and accent colors!

These come with a complete refresh of the elementary OS system style. We revisited every detail from contextual shading and contrast to shadows, strokes, and border radii. The end result ensures much better contrast throughout the whole OS while enabling customization.

elementary OS 6 keeps you in control by enforcing privacy and security protections at a technical level; all AppCenter apps are now distributed as Flatpaks, a modern container format that keeps apps siloed away from each other—and your sensitive data. 🔒

Apps in elementary OS 6 must explicitly request permission in a well-defined way e.g. to get access to files or launch other apps. A new Permissions view in System Settings → Applications exposes all the permissions and gives you control to override or revoke them.

These protections are in place for apps installed from AppCenter, but importantly also for apps installed via the built-in Sideload utility—including third-party Flatpak apps from sources like Flathub. It’s easier and safer than ever to get and use the apps you need on OS 6.

It wouldn’t be a new OS release without ✨exciting new features ✨ to improve your experience, and elementary OS 6 delivers on that front with multi-touch, all new Notifications, the new Tasks app, built-in firmware updates, and updates across several default apps.

One of the most pervasive new features for touch screen and touchpad users is the new multi-touch support throughout elementary OS 6. A three-finger swipe up smoothly opens the Multitasking View, exposing open apps and workspaces. It’s buttery smooth.

A three-finger swipe left or right in elementary OS 6 smoothly switches between the dynamic workspaces, making it even faster to jump between tasks.

But it’s not just the desktop that has multi-touch support; we’ve worked to bring smooth and intuitive two-finger multi-touch gestures throughout the entire OS and default apps. Two-finger swipe to dismiss notifications, swipe to go back, and swipe through paged views.

Speaking of notifications, elementary OS 6 brings a redesign and under-the-hood rewrite with richer, more capable notifications than ever. They support full-color emoji, action buttons from apps, badges for richer content from apps, and of course: the dark style preference.

The brand new Tasks app debuts in elementary OS 6, helping you tackle your to-do list whether it’s stored on your device or synchronized with an online account. Tasks is designed around the open CalDav format, ensuring it’s compatible with most online account providers.

elementary OS 6 comes with firmware updates built in, powered by the Linux Vendor Firmware Service. Updates are provided for supported devices by hardware manufacturers like Star Labs, Dell, Lenovo, HP, System76, Intel, Logitech, 8bitdo, and more—straight from System Settings.

Web supports the new dark style and is distributed as a Flatpak in elementary OS 6 to enable even faster updates to the latest web technologies. It features Intelligent Tracking Protection and ad blocking built-in and enabled by default for even greater privacy protections.

Mail is all new in elementary OS 6. Tighter Online Accounts integration is powered by the open source Evolution Data Server, and Mail now features web process sandboxing so each email is displayed in its own sandbox—improving safety and security.

Calendar in elementary OS 6 supports Online Accounts integration via the CalDav standard; add any CalDav-compliant account in System Settings, and its events and tasks will show up in the Calendar and Tasks apps. We’ve also added ICS import and improved offline support.

Camera is revamped in elementary OS 6 with several new features: switching between multiple cameras, toggling mirroring of the image, and brightness and contrast adjustment. When a recording is finished, it now sends an in-app notification with a button to open the video.

There are a whole lot more app updates in elementary OS 6; see the blog post for the whole rundown!

Okay, we’re back! We took a little lunch break and were ensuring everything was going smoothly. Let’s pick back up on new features with some updates to the desktop experience itself:

We’ve added a handful of time-saving workflow features to the desktop in elementary OS 6. The Multitasking View shows window titles, the Window Menu has been reorganized and includes a shortcut to take a screenshot, and—by popular request—the desktop has a new context menu.

elementary OS 6 has expanded multitasking settings in System Settings; we’ve combined the previous hot corners view with new new controls for when to move windows to a new workspace, including options for toggling the behavior for both fullscreen and maximize.

The Screenshot utility in elementary OS 6 is easier to move around with the ability to drag from anywhere in the window. You can also drag the preview image from the Save dialog straight into another app like an image editor to skip hitting the Copy to Clipboard or Save buttons.

Sideload supports Flatpak bundles in elementary OS 6. It helpfully links to the new permissions screen in System Settings so you can tweak anything if you’d like after installation, and offers to trash the downloaded installer file once the app is installed.

Earlier we mentioned elementary OS 6 is both easier to get and more inclusive than ever; let’s talk about that! We’re always expanding the ecosystem making it more useful, desirable, get-able, and keep-able—an approach coined by former Canonical designer Matthew Paul Thomas.

elementary OS 6 makes great strides on the “get-able” front with the brand new installer. With just a few steps, you can install an entire operating system. The installer is designed to get the OS installed and nothing else; once it’s done, your device restarts to set up a user.

On the accessibility and inclusivity front, we’ve improved usability throughout the OS with new features and better defaults. Higher contrast, the new dark style, text size scaling, and a new dyslexia-friendly text option are just a few of the new features.

Look-and-feel wise you’ll notice elementary OS 6 feels fresh not only because of the refreshed system style, but thanks to new default wallpapers. The defaults were designed and openly-licensed in partnership with the Freehive creative agency and photographer Brendon Porter.

We’ve brought Inter—a completely open source typeface carefully crafted & designed for computer screens by Rasmus Andersson—to elementary OS 6. We also refreshed typography in the form of adjusted sizes, weights, color, and rendering settings for improved legibility and contrast.


@elementary does it support Bangla/Bengali language?

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