@liw Decentralized systems, on the other hand, are often superior, because they are more resilient and self-organizing.

And they resemble *nature*, so systems will inevitably become decentralized.


#Decentralized #Nature #Society

A while ago a came across a curious random fact: of the 50 tallest statues in the world, 18 are of a being called Kannon in Japanese, Guanyin in Chinese. Of these tall Kannon statues, 12 are in Japan.

So why are there so many giant Kannon statues in #Japan?

I went down the rabbit hole to find out and wrote a blog post about it.

tl;dr: these statues are almost invariably built either as tourist attractions or as war memorials.

But who is Kannon? Read on ... 😃


@vincentvd Yes, I really like /#ScuttleButt, but it still has issues with decoupling identity from your machine. Same with other apps.

ScuttleButt sort of has a "Proof-Of-Replication" blockchain, so users only share data from people they deem worthy.

But I don't think they are ready for mainstream until its as simple as a crypto wallet.

Hey @jessenoller@twitter.com, is there any advantage to growing mushrooms in rolls of toilet paper beyond to the companies who don't have to ship any medium with their grow kits?

/ recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @AsteroidOS - Linux distro for smartwatches

🌟 @Jami - FOSS peer-to-peer alternative to Skype, available on all platforms

🌟 @violetmagician - Artist drawing fantastic creatures in bright high contrast colours

🌟 @Liberapay - Free open alternative to Patreon, run by a non-profit organisation

🌟 @NGIZero - Funding for privacy-friendly internet projects including the Fediverse etc

I believe it's #solarpunkactionweek so i thought i'd share what i did today.
I'm working on putting together a presentation of aromantic competent mental health care. I had a meeting with the person I'm working with it on today to go over everything and it's coming along really nicely!!
I also planted a bunch of bluebells from my mom's garden in the pandemic patch, the area I cleared blackberries and ivy from at the side of the trail to create a public space.
I took some thyme cuttings to see if I can propagate them and add more thyme to the pandemic patch herb garden.
And i put a little glass pig in the little free library

Indigenous community in Oaxaca build their own mobile infrastructure without telecom companies.


If someone does not have a mobile phone # or they have one but will not share it with strangers or orgs, they should be *praised* not excluded. #Facebook, #Signal, #Google, #Microsoft, some banks, (& possibly #Twitter) all exclude people without mobile phones. We have a moral duty to exclude those companies. We should support ppl w/out mobile phones by walking when a ph# is demanded.


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