Today's stream will be a little different. Today, we'll be playing a game my brother requested and gifted me called . I know almost nothing about this short of that it's more of an experience than a game. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully it goes well.

Stream will begin at 2 PM US EDT. Hope to see you all there!

If my human owner allows me to, I might stream this game either today or tomorrow.
I've been wanting to play this game over for like two years or more now and seeing my brain wants to play something uber nostalgic to me that I haven't played in years... this is a nice option.

MFer was like, "Nah. I'm not in the mood to fight. Keep your stupid beaver away from me."

I... um... I don't remember this but one of my friends drew a... I guess the right term is bust? Headshot?
One of my friends drew how I looked in my mid teen years...

It looks like I've always had problem with disc space since one of my first computers...

Me as a larva thought this image was badass. I still do, but it might be the nostalgia talking.

Old image I saved on 2/18/2000 which I thought of how realistic it looked and thought was how the Pokémon GSC remakes were doing to look.

Stream is starting now! Now playing: Akurra (Volcano alpha)

Come join the fun!

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Today, we'll be checking out and playtesting the latest pre-release alpha build of . (Yes, we have the dev's blessing to do this)

Come check us out over on ! Stream starts at 2 PM US EDT.

Yes, I'm a lunatic.
Yes, I'm stubborn.
Yes, I'm insane.
I'll go through any lengths to NOT progress the story until I can complete all I can in an area FIRST!


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