This is fun: #Manjaro make sure that there's more change in their build of #Phosh 0.20 for #PinePhone/#PinePhonePro by shipping unmerged Feature Merge Requests (that are known to land after 0.20) and then make a video about "radical change" in that release:

@linmob Manjaro really needs to do better with this and make it clear that their builds are previews with features people can play around with if they want to that may not ship or may ship differently. It's like they didn't learn from a few weeks ago when they decided shipping GNOME Mobile prototypes by using (I think?) Caleb's scripts to make things work without credit was a good idea. At least, this is how I understand everything, so hopefully I'm not too off on this.

@DrewNaylor I've got the feeling that they don't think that what they are doing is problematic in any way.
It's noteworthy for context that this is (for now) just their dev-build.
My tweet on the topic has more links:

@linmob @DrewNaylor

It is not the first time this happens and then users are confused about bugs. Sometimes these bugs are known because it is unfinished work. In other cases, it can come from integrating random patches on top of releases. Now it is shipped in the form of a developer release which is advertised as 'look we have a new release'. If you want to test experimental stuff to give feedback upstream, consider to keep it in dev circles instead of social media.

@dylanvanassche @linmob @DrewNaylor why not ship beta releases to users that want to testdrive, the only feature that may then be needed is a rollback method

@goatwildernesscollective @linmob @DrewNaylor Well these are not even releases. These are random unfinished patches which are put on top of a release.

@dylanvanassche @goatwildernesscollective @DrewNaylor It's worse: These are random unfinished patches which are put on top of a BETA release.


@joao Can confirm it's been deleted, if you go to the link to the Manjaro Mastodon repost bot's post at the top then go through to the original Twitter post and look at the bottom, it says it's deleted (or maybe it won't even load, if you never cached it).

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