I still use the speakers I got with my eighth-grade graduation gift of a small stereo unit in 1993.

They're adequate for me & my wife's ears; obviously we're not audiophiles. ;)


Blessed are the non-audiophiles, for their headphones will be cheap and durable.


@suetanvil My go-to headphones used to be $3, but now they're closer to $5. Still sound great for being that cheap of earbuds and they last about as long as more-expensive earbuds. Would use cheaper over-the-ear headphones if I didn't need a flat, clean sound signature due to being a video editor, though.


These are mine. CDN$12 each (on sale, granted) and my oldest has been going strong for 3-4 years. Comfortable, light, folds up and has perfectly decent audio quality.

AIUI, this brand is sold in Japanese convenience stores.

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