Is it possible to have closed/private groups to share interests and ideas and organise ourselves? Or is that an add on thing through a different platform?
Am loving the fediverse experience so far. The more familiar I get with how it works the more awesome it is!!!

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@Elissa I'm afraid Groups is the one crucial functionality Fediverse is missing at the moment. 😿 Friendica and Hubzilla have "forums" that work best inside these federating parts (so not with Mastodon). AFAIK their forums are public. Smithereen has groups, but it's a new Fediverse project in alpha/beta stage, its groups work only within itself. For Mastodon there is a Guppe "addon" - - but again it's public posts. I hope private groups will appear (some day?)

@Elissa One way to achieve that is to run private instance dedicated to specific topic or group. With Mastodon you can post local. With some other platforms you at least can view local community and add people to share private posts with them later.
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