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For all you devs out there, I was looking to start learning a programming language and I'm still stuck on which to choose. I have a couple books right now on C++ and Python but I would like to know if there's anything else that would be better suggested to start off with...

Does anyone have any good recommendations for older games to play on a emulator?

For all you Debian Linux users out there that is looking to install something from a Ubuntu PPA, here's some documentation I never knew that exsisted that can point you to the right direction on how to do it:

When I first started using this distro I thought it was a bit convoluted but once you know the tools, probably the most rock solid thing you can run on.

What are some people's take on pirating ROMs of old legacy games that are not on sale or in production anymore? Is it considered ethical, unethical ECT...

Games I will play in my Vacation

- The Last Of Us 2

Why bother with them?
- Good Story
- Nice graphics
- Awesome atmosphere
- Inspired based on games which I like and prev. played

From Kamala Harris

"It’s once again the first of the month and countless Americans still have no means to pay their bills or make rent.

RT if you agree we need to pass my bill to provide Americans with $2,000 monthly payments throughout this pandemic."

There's lots of news today about individuals getting banned from big, corporate social media sites like YouTube and Reddit. There's very little news about individuals getting banned from their own personal Mastodon or Pleroma instances. 😏️

The fact that I'm non-US citizen doesn't prohibit me to be at disadvantegous by this kind of regulation. 🤐

I feel like Twitter is like a massive war zone compared to when I come on here. Like this feels like a island where I can sip on a nice margarita and relax while getting a tan. Lol!

Well... I mean, maybe this is a good time for some sensation change now?

So when did all these escorts started posting ads on Mastodon? Lol 😂

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