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tillie psa 

assume all past communication with me to have been compromised. i have lost all my past accounts except for my fedi accounts, assume all communication from old accounts isn't me unless you can properly verify otherwise.

do not talk to me about any illegal activities or crimes. i do not plan on doing anything illegal for the near future.

i can be reached here:
@ nyanycrimew on telegram

you can ask me for signal.

if you're unsure about the legitimacy of this statement there are multiple people who can vouch for me, and i can also verify my identity to you personally if required.

Thought I had lost this account for good. Thanks @Gargron (I assume it was you based on the email)

Lesson learned: I gotta keep backups and 2fa keys on places other than my phone lol

Someone be my sugar daddy please I'll gladly whore myself out for money fuck capitalism

trans girls be like: for god sake o just wanna girl

I kind of wanna try microg again but fucking hell I'm so deep into google's services

the french are like, this isnt a pipe, that isnt a pipe how about working on that islamophobia you baguette eating fucks

A guy sent nudes, asked me for nudes back, and blocked me. I am very much confused but hey nice dick

Cisgender people piss me the fuck off.

Say it with me:

If 👏 you 👏 misgender 👏 trans 👏 people 👏 because 👏 they're 👏 a bad 👏 person 👏 you 👏 are 👏 not 👏 an 👏 ally 👏 and 👏 you 👏 are 👏 a 👏 piece 👏 of 👏 shit 👏

Gender identity isn't EARNED.

Going to start watching she-ra because my enbie crush likes it so I wanna impress them

TW: My ugly ass trying to do a cute dance 

Idk I tried to do this cute tiktok dance my eyeliner is bad and I'm ugly

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