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This exists to remind me to make an intro

Emmie, please make the intro already

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mutual aid request, medical 

My boyfriend broke his glasses a couple months ago and finally has an eye exam appointment. He's already had to give up a job opportunity because he couldn't see, and he needs one soon or we may lose housing.

Before Saturday we need:
$85 eye exam
also ASAP:
~$15 Zenni glasses + S&H

I also do commissions! Please see pinned post!
CashApp $nuktibromos

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hamster levels are 87% and falling

(87%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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Transcrowdfund, urgent, transphobic abuse/violence 

I was contacted via Facebook by this 19yo trans man. He's desperate to get into a better homeless shelter. His mom recently passed away, and now he's living in a shelter where people are physically abusing him. I can't give anything right now, but I assured him that I would share.

cashapp is $MKP1223
fb pay: mk policastro.

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:boost_ok:, homelessness, Raleigh NC, not money asking, just help/advice 

:boost_ok: :boost_ok:

So uhhhhhhhh.

My one girlfriend Viv is still facing homelessness, she's contacted the nearby shelters and mutual aid groups in Raleigh and it turns out the shelters are all full and the income support isn't enough to afford any kind of housing. She's getting kicked out of her current place regardless of money, unfortunately.

Neither of us know what to do, it seems like all the options have been explored. We're both basically just scared shitless at the moment.

If you know of any, like, shelters or anything. Or any form of housing. Or anything we can do. Literally any smidgen or glimmer of hope here would be good.

And either way retoots would be appreciated.


#TransCrowdFund #mutualaid
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"she goes by he/him pronouns"

cis ppl pls stop

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Today, I tried to get a bit of help with Tiny Tiny RSS.

I was told "don't come back tbh", had my post closed and then...banned.

What the actual shit?

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I'm homeless with 0 income.

The next payment for my storage (32€ every 4 weeks), which holds the last few valuables that still haven't been taken from me, will bounce and I might lose the last bit of what I have.

Everything I make, I release for free as a matter of principle, so if you have spare cash it'd be really nice if you could help out.

I can receive money via bank transfer (DM for IBAN) or get recurring donations via patreon:

(boosts welcome)

mastodon's dms system is weird

i dont know how to feel about it

This exists to remind me to make an intro

Emmie, please make the intro already

Strangely mastodon dms work the best for notifying me out of everything cause I have to use a browser on my phone for these kinds of sites

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I need to actually use this site

All I do is just come on every so often and lurk a bit

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