Jess joined me and @EricaMDirector today, she’s a lovely dog, although I do wish she was about 70% less hairy #xp #dogsofmastodon

Was slightly aghast that @EricaMDirector hadn’t seen Spaceballs so we’ve just rectified that #xp

Well, if anyone needs a development manager with over twenty years experience then let me know #xp

Well some good news today, Lost and Found is officially cast, and we have the poster to prove it #filmmaking #xp

I’m trying to order a wedding cake for next year & obviously it’s got a retro 1980’s gaming/memorabilia feel to it. It’s proving harder to order than anticipated. I suspect the baker was born at earliest in the 90’s. Ps this isn’t the cake I’m ordering.

What can I say, I was inspired. Tried some (charcoal) brushes I'd not tried before and pushed the colour. Not sure that the likeness is quite there, but not bad for a couple of hours work and I'm not yet used to Ncuti's face.

#doctorwho #NcutiGatwa #MastoArt #art #newdoctor

Not mine - I can’t eat sugar but happy I managed to order a good lemon drizzle for @jonn_blanchard 🍋🎂🤩

Yesterday, I got some disappointing news on a project. 🥺 I mopped, I sad walked & ate my feelings. I had to mourn the idea in my head about how it would be. Today- onwards. 🤔

I’m Erica and I’m a theatre and film director based in the UK. I’ll mostly be talking about that 👋🏽


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