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The original kawen.space Pleroma instance is shutting down. It’s being replaced by a new akkoma instance at ak.kawen.space!

Please follow me on my new akkoma account at @tlapka. I’ll try to mirror/boost important announcements between both accounts for a while, but I’ll be moving my activity to the new account.

Being on Akkoma means that I will FINALLY see everyone’s custom image reacts, and quote posts. A fresh instance should also hopefully run smoother, with less issues than the old one.

Hey all, bahiou here with some news:
I opened a ko-fi page for commissions right here

I still need to figure out how it really works but at least you can quickly check there if there is a slot available and what I can provide.
I'll add more stuff (reference sheets & Vtubing illustrations, design work ) at a later date as different slots.

For now it's pretty simple but if you have some comment on what I could change/add or remove please tell me.

Thank you

On July 31 2021 #Zchan was first revealed, so here's her birthday cake for her first anniversary !!
License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

The Harbinger Of Cute, The Conqueror of Moe, The Supreme Overlord of Absturztaube, @puniko vi Punitsune!

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