Funkwhale brings music and audio to the Fediverse:


It lets you discover, store and share music or other audio.

The official website has more:

Funkwhale is a federated, decentralised platform running on open software, and uses ActivityPub so it is also compatible with Mastodon and other Fediverse networks.

So the platform can now also be used for sharing and following podcasts?! I remember soms time ago that was still scheduled and work-in-progress, wasn't it? Any exanples you would revommend?


I can't find it now, but I saw someone recently sharing a podcast on here with a Funkwhale link, so it is possible. I don't know how supported it is officially yet.

@funkwhale would be able to better comment about what the podcast roadmap is.

@FediFollows @zandbelt @funkwhale there is @thenewoilpod who just started hosting their podcast on funkwhale.

Make sure to encourage you favourite fedi podcasters that funkwhale is looking to help podcasters, and right now offer 5 GB of storage for free on

@FediFollows @zandbelt we do support this since the 0.21 release. Basically you can:

- Host your podcast on Funkwhale
- Subscribe to podcasts hosted on other pods
- Subscribe to third party podcasts in Funkwhale, via their RSS feeds
- Subscribe to Funkwhae podcasts in Mastodon/Misskey/Pleroma

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