There's a free open source app for @pixelfed under development called PixelDroid. You can follow it here:


Developers can help the project at:

Translators can help at:

(In case you're unfamiliar with it, PixelFed is the Fediverse's alternative to Instagram, you can find out more at

@FediFollows @pixelfed @PixelDroid i downloaded the app but it's not working after i sign in. after i authorize my account it just brings me back to the sign-in screen 😕


@steffanieswede @pixelfed @PixelDroid

The app is very early in development so I guess there's still a lot to fix?

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@FediFollows @pixelfed @PixelDroid that's what I was thinking. Just thought I'd mention it. Can't wait till I can use it and finally delete Instagram! 😀

@steffanieswede @FediFollows @pixelfed hey, does it show any error in the text box for the instance after it comes back to the sign in screen? Could you maybe open an issue on our gitlab repo? Cheers :)

@PixelDroid @FediFollows @pixelfed yea it says "could not authenticate" (sorry I'm not familiar with github. Do I need an account to post?)

@steffanieswede @FediFollows we moved from github, we now use a gitlab instance:

You can make an account or authenticate with GitHub or

Do you use 2FA by chance? That doesn't work for apps, server-side thing that we can't do anything about :/

@PixelDroid @FediFollows my mistake did I say github? Meant gitlab lol. Either way, not sure I wanna make an account on a site I won't use. As for the 2-step authentication (that's what you're asking, right?) I don't believe I have that set up. Would it be in my PixelFed account settings? Thanks for the help!

@steffanieswede That's OK, we can try to get to the bottom of it on here.

What instance are you using? Does it consistently do this, or did you manage to log in after a few tries? What browser opens when the authentication starts?

2FA can be set up in the account settings, but if you don't know if it is set up it isn't 😉 (so it *should* work)

Omg nvm I got it working. Apparently I was signing into my Mastodon account/instance instead! (Since they both use instances I was getting confused) lollll my mistake. All good now! Thanks for the help nonetheless! 👍

@PixelDroid also, is there an option to import posts from instagram accounts? i thought i read that somewhere

@steffanieswede yes, although I'm not sure it's in a release yet. In any case, that's not really related to our app, you should ask dansup about this 😉

@PixelDroid thanks! Still getting used to this over fediverse thing haha

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