/ recap of recommended accounts this week:

🌟 @mobilizon - Free open source Fediverse alternative to Facebook Events, currently in public beta testing

🌟 @ubports - Develops and maintains Ubuntu Touch, a FOSS OS for phones and tablets

🌟 @Liberapay - Free open source non-profit alternative to Patreon

🌟 @MicroSFF - Toot-sized sci-fi and fantasy stories

🌟 @privacyint - Charity campaigning for privacy since 1990

🌟 @cryptpad - Free open source self-hostable office suite

c'est gentil <3 faut arrêter maintenant ^_<

@Troll Haha c'est de temps en temps ... et pas toutes les semaines :)

J'ai l'impression que c'est pas trop populaire de faire des #FF sur masto, mais c'est vrai que ça peut être un bon moyen de recommander des comptes et en faire découvrir.
Je vais essayer d'y penser du coup ^_<

@Troll Bah sinon faire un autre hashtag peut-être ?

oui, c'est peut-être le Twitter like qui déplaît aux gens. Le fait d'importer un truc de Twitter.

@LWFlouisa @FediFollows @cryptpad @privacyint @MicroSFF @Liberapay @ubports @mobilizon #Liberapay is a bad recommendation. That site is #centralized in the privacy abusing walled garden of #CloudFlare, plus they host on #Amazon. I would not expect #FediFollows to suggest a needlessly centralized service, in general.

@FediFollows avoids lots of ethical problems tied with #Liberapay, but it's also on #Amazon, as is These are a lesser of evils. There may be a better option on -- i have yet to investigate.


Thanks for the suggestions but I cannot see any alternatives to Patreon in your list?

I cannot get to open, it just gives me a blank page.

Villages is a skill bartering system, it doesn't allow sending of money.

The snowdrift link is a general list of crowdfunding projects?

(Sorry to be picky like this, it's just I cannot make recommendations unless there are alternatives to recommend.)

@FediFollows I dont know of a solid drop-in replacement for #Patreon that is ethical enough to be noteworthy. IMO it's best not to mention any alternatives if they're all bad


But all alternatives are at least a bit bad?

(For example, even the most worthy website runs on equipment at least partly made by exploited workers in poorer countries.)

My options are limited to two: I can either recommend lesser evils, or recommend nothing at all.


(...and I guess recommending nothing is an evil too, as inaction can often be worse than imperfect action.)

@FediFollows I generally favor the lesser of evils, but when all the options are quite evil and the differences are hair-splitting, the effect of endorsing one of them results in widespread bias that's hard to shake free of when a good player actually does emerge. DuckDuckGo is a prime example of this effect.

@FediFollows there are many search engines now that are ethically superiour to DDG, but the effect of DDG being endorsed by trusted sources all over has made it impossible to compel ppl to switch to more ethical search engines


As far as I can tell, the non-profit and FOSS sides of Liberapay right now are significantly good things. If it's a choice between Patreon and Liberapay, Liberapay seems (to me) like a clear improvement, and not hair-splitting.

This is just my own current opinion, and would always be very happy to hear better alternatives suggested.


There's also the issue of trackers, Patreon is packed with trackers like Google Analytics etc. Even if you don't use Patreon, simply visiting the site violates privacy.

As far as I can tell Liberapay has no trackers, at least my anti-tracking add-ons don't show any.

I'm not saying this makes Liberapay perfect, just that it makes it (IMO) a significantly better option.

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