Briar is a free open source secure p2p messaging system for Android which can be used through @torproject , or locally through wifi or bluetooth. You can follow the "not-yet-official" account at:

➡️ @briar

Because it has local support, it can be used even if the internet is shut down (for example at demonstrations or in disaster zones).

It's available from Google Play and @fdroidorg , the official site is at

fdroid need more games, so it will go viral :D


We should follow them if their project interests us, to show them that we are here 👋

It's a volunteer project with limited time, I am guessing they would spend more of their limited time on the Fediverse if there are more followers here.

Only being on Android limits user adoption. I've read about the challenges with trying to make @briar work on iThings. But is there a version in the works for mobile GNU, for use on devices like the #PinePhone and #Librem5?


@strypey @briar

There's an alpha version of a Linux desktop client, but I don't know if it would work on any mobile Linux platforms:

It does mention Librem 5 in the instructions, so maybe it is possible?

@strypey Briar GTK is meant to run on desktop and mobile devices. It's using to adapt to any screen size.

Currently, there are .deb's and flatpak for x86 devices, but with some fiddling it also works on arm platforms like the . See for more details.

Of course it should also run on arm without that fiddling later on, it's just the binaries that only work on x86 so far. The .deb's can be found here:


@strypey @FediFollows Those .deb's are currently self-hosted because due to Briar using they can't be shipped through main yet. Once Briar GTK is out of alpha, the flatpaks will also be moved to .com.

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