I would like to take a moment to promote Trunk 🐘

They are like FediFollows but much older, bigger and better πŸ‘

They have a huge opt-in list of people on the Fediverse that you can follow arranged into lots of categories:

The list has been a bit out of date recently, but they now have a new admin who is cleaning things up.

If you have any questions or want to join the list, you can contact the new admin at @Mayana

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@FediFollows Well ah ... to be fair, I am far from the only active admin. :)
But thank you for the kind words. I can't make any big promises, but I shall do my best.

@FediFollows @Mayana Damn this reminds me of the time of web directories when search engines weren't there yet.

Really great. It will be easy for me to follow subjects I want on mastodon. ❀️

@FediFollows @Mayana Just to say, One thing I noticed with the directory , is that It doesn't specify languages. There is a fair share of people with great posts but not in English. I'd really hope if they'd divide the categories according to language first and then those categories.

But It's still great πŸ˜ƒ.

@cybernomad @FediFollows The main Trunk instance is supposed to be an English one. There are some multilingual people, but all those added are expected to post in English decently often. I'll eventually get to removing the ones that aren't doing so.
There is a Spanish Trunk, for those who primarily speak that.
As for other languages, someone would have to host them first. See:
"We'd like people to start more Trunk instances! We need Trunk instances for different languages and for special interests. What you need is a (small) server online. Alex will be able to help you get started (see link at the very bottom). Trunk is free software."

@FediFollows @Mayana If i understand the join process, only account owner can request join ?

@miklo @FediFollows Right! If you go to the Trunk webpage, you'll see a link called "volunteering for a list". It leads you here:
Enter your name and select the categories you're interested in, and a direct message will be sent to a random admin. You should get your response pretty soon. :)

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