TILvids is a new PeerTube instance full of interesting videos. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @tilvids (Mastodon account)


➡️ @tilvids (PeerTube channel)

You can browse the instance at

@wonderingdane @tilvids @tilvids

I believe they have licensing issues to work through, but it is possible for individuals to follow the instance's channels from other instances.

@FediFollows @wonderingdane @tilvids This is correct! Part of my promise to creators is that their content won't show up elsewhere, and that they can remove it at any time, so I want to make sure I can honor that promise to them.

@tilvids @tilvids I have looked at a few videos' "license" field, and many say "attribution". Is it that I just happened to click on the ones that the creators did not mind being shared (with attribution), or is the "license" field wrong?

@tilvids @FediFollows @tilvids That is unfortunate and kinda goes "against" what PeerTube is best at: federation.

When instances federate, you still technically watch the video from it's original instance + the seeders. If the original video is deleted, it will also be removed from federated instances.

Also consider redundancy. Federating instances can use redundancy to improve the viewer experience, by having multiple seeds around the globe.

@wonderingdane @tilvids @tilvids

I'm guessing federation is such a new thing to most people, that it will take a while before most content creators can understand it and possibly embrace it.

It's like DRM-free tracks took ages to arrive on digital music sales, but now lots of independent musicians sell music DRM-free, and even big players like Apple and Amazon offer it.

@tilvids @FediFollows @tilvids Remember that users from other instances can subscribe to channels at tilvids and watch the content at their instance.

@FediFollows @tilvids @tilvids

How much video storage will I get on this instance if I signup to joined?

@ponytail @FediFollows @tilvids If you're an edutainment content creator, send some examples and let me know! I try to give 1GB of storage for initial users. If we get more donors over time, I will hopefully be able to expand storage options for creators.

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