Mobilizon is a free open source federated events platform, designed to provide a privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events. You can follow at:

➡️ @mobilizon

It has just left beta testing and is now ready for use. You can find out more on official sites at:


It has been designed for activists and volunteer organisations, but anyone can use it.

@FediFollows @mobilizon
This is really wonderful to hear.

Anyone know how Mobilizon compares to Friendica, which also manages event invitations and other group communications?

@JimG @mobilizon

Mobilizon is designed entirely around making an alternative to Facebook Events, whereas events are just one part of Friendica.

Mobilizon is made by Framasoft, the biggest FOSS group in France (they are the makers of PeerTube for example).

@kavbojka @FediFollows @mobilizon meh it doesn’t use a generic mastodon account. You need yet another account. That’s friction.

@nonlinear @kavbojka @mobilizon

Mobilizon uses ActivityPub to federate, as does Mastodon.

I don't know whether Mobilizon is compatible with Mastodon yet, but I think part of the reason for them using ActivityPub was to make such a thing possible in the future?

It's made by Framasoft who also make PeerTube, and that definitely is Mastodon-compatible nowadays.

@FediFollows @kavbojka @mobilizon afaik mastodon is activitypub. I mean, since some version. If you have a mastodon acct, you have an activitypub acct.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time... first isolated, then integrated? We def need events OFF Facebook.

@nonlinear @kavbojka @mobilizon @FediFollows Yeah, that's how the Fediverse operates right now. There's no ubiquitous system of interoperability and fine-grained authorization for alternative UIs.

@clacke @kavbojka @mobilizon @FediFollows activitypub interoperability could use some UX love... like, user journeys exercises, etc.

If even seasoned users can’t tell the extent of what auth allows you to, imagine final users.

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