Sengi is a free open source Mastodon desktop app for Linux, Mac and Windows, and there's also a browser version. You can follow at:

➡️ @sengi_app

There's also the developer's blog at:

➡️ @nicolas-constant

You can find out more and download Sengi from its official website at

@FediFollows @sengi_app @nicolas-constant yea i using now whalebird for desktop, but i seen some issues, i going to try sensi. 👍

@kr1s000 did you run into some issue with the app? 😐

@sengi_app no, but its different of whalebird. 😜 i dont like the frames in sensi.

@kr1s000 oh ok ^^ for sure it's different 😅 whalebird is also a great app, that's a good thing we have such variety for the Fediverse. 🙂

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