Bonfire is a new project that aims to combine an open source hardware device with FOSS federated social networks to allow you to physically control your own data, and to operate offline too if you want. You can follow at:

➡️ @bonfire

The official website is at

(Bonfire was previously known as CommonsPub.)

I like the bonfire principle,. Exploring the #bonfire website, I wanted to see apps - I'm a user not a dev. So I clicked thro to old CommonsPub pages, then on Open Coop Ecosystem here
- and up comes something totally unrelated. This isn't doing the project any favours. What happened to the link? Is the app ecosystem really as thin as it seems from the werbsite?

@mike_hales @bonfire

The current Bonfire website doesn't have an apps section?

I don't think it's useful to look at the old site as I doubt it is being updated any more, any current info will be on the new site.

It's a new project which currently isn't available to end users, so it's too early to judge the app situation.

@FediFollows @mike_hales I started building a RaspberryPi distro that serves Pleroma. It should not be hard to add to it more services using docker. All you need is a domain, a Pi and an external harddrive and you have Pleroma for now:

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