Snikket is a new XMPP/Jabber-based decentralised FOSS messenger service. You can follow at:

➡️ @snikket_im

The official website is

It aims to make XMPP into a more viable alternative to Whatsapp etc by providing consistency in design and terminology.

(It's sort of how Mastodon made ActivityPub more mainstream, by using consistency to make it clear the instances are part of one network.)

@FediFollows @snikket_im Just try to make the notifications wake the app on iOS. All preceding apps have failed to do so. That's all we're missing for XMPP to be a viable mainstream alternative nowadays.

@tagomago @FediFollows Spent a bunch of time the past few weeks on iOS push notifications. Watch this space 😉


@snikket_im @tagomago

ChatSecure notifications work on iOS, at least for me. (However it has other problems like crashing a lot on the latest iOS version.)

@FediFollows @snikket_im Notifications work on iOS for several apps, but they won't wake the app if it's closed/idle for some time.

@tagomago @FediFollows @snikket_im siskin notifications work, even when the iphone is idle for hours. siskin also worked out group chat push notifications (which is broken on monal) by using MIX.

problem is no android client supports MIX.

@joshim @FediFollows @snikket_im Not in my experience. At least not when the app is eventually closed, phone rebooted, etc., which is unacceptable for this kind of service.

@tagomago @FediFollows @snikket_im i agree that dodgy notifications is unacceptable. been using siskin for a few months now without it dropping any notifications, although i should say that i've been using a tigase account (

Yes, we're basing the Snikket iOS client on Siskin and have been implementing Tigase's extensions for Siskin into Prosody modules to ensure reliability.

Discussions are in progress about what needs to happen to get these extensions standardized so we can see them universally supported:
@tagomago @FediFollows

@snikket_im @tagomago @FediFollows looks encouraging. so what do you think about MIX on the android side? Having asked around, aside from devs of kaidan im (and of course stork im), none of the android developers seem all that interested. not surprising, given android doesn't need it, but without it the work tigase have done won't amount to much.

@joshim @FediFollows @snikket_im

>although i should say that i've been using a tigase account (

Thanks, probably that's the key.

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