Samuel Pepys was an important public official in 17th Century London, who helped to run the English navy and reported to the King. He also kept a secret diary where he was surprisingly honest about his personal life between 1660 - 1669.

You can follow the diary in real time (currently 1668) at:

➡️ @samuelpepys

The maintainer's website is at



There was some really weird stuff going on back then. Here's a toot about "scientists" paying a poor man to let them put sheep's blood into him so they can see what happens:

Later in the same thread, an academic talks about living entirely off human breast milk 😮

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Also love the way the part that normally says the app name used to post just says "Samuel Pepys' Diary", like Pepys was there in 1668 using a magic book that tooted whatever he wrote 352 years later.

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