Flockingbird aims to be a decentralised FOSS social network for professionals, like a Fediverse version of LinkedIn. It's currently in development, you can follow at:



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The project website is at

@textbook There isn't. But I did evaluate the LI API. And while that is terribly limited in features (walled garden), "getting all contacts for a user" is one feature it offers.

Another road we can take is to offer importers for your linkedin-data export (which is required under GDPR): those are neat data-files.

I'll jot it down as an RFC for "someday" on our backlog. Certainly a good suggestion.

@FediFollows @flockingbird @flockingbird

When are they going to be done than just presenting concepts on their blog? 🤷

@kubikpixel We are writing some Proof of concepts and trying out ideas.

You may not agree, but we think it is important to settle the concepts and ideas before writing software. Ideas are easier to discuss than software. Concepts are easier to change than software.

But, to answer your question: there will most probably not be beta software before summer.

If you are interested in what we are building, have a look at git.

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