Collabora Office is a fork of LibreOffice aimed at businesses, including long term tech support, admin tools, smartphone apps and cloud collaboration. You can follow at:

➡️ @CollaboraOffice

Their site is

The development company, Collabora, is one of the biggest upstream contributors to LibreOffice's source code, and has a close relationship with the FOSS community. You can follow them too at:

➡️ @collabora

@FediFollows @CollaboraOffice @collabora these accounts just look like cross posted Twitter feeds, is anyone from the organisation actually here? Are these even official or is someone just scraping the content?


Thank you for mentioning us on #FF @FediFollows

Yes, we are cross-posting from Twitter, but of course, we are here to listen and answer, too @mike

@FediFollows @collabora
Hi :)
Collabora Office is a special version, with customer support, of LibreOffice. All the work we do for customers, for the product, are all contributed to LibreOffice.

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