/ recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @lubuntu - Lightweight version of Ubuntu, runs well even on older computers

🌟 @rnadness - Painter, mixes traditional techniques with psychedelic style

🌟 @codeberg - Non-profit git hosting service for FOSS projects

🌟 @Matomo - Free open analytics software, can be self-hosted

🌟 @Krita & @kritafoundation & @Krita_artists - FOSS painting software

🌟 @monarobot - Artist focused on Mayan aesthetic, worked on anime series Onyx Equinox

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@FediFollows @lubuntu @rnadness @codeberg @Matomo @Krita @kritafoundation @Krita_artists @monarobot please let the people on and know that their admin has baselessly decided to censor their content from being accessible for following from my instance. (correspondingly they will not see this reply.)

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