Castopod is an in-development FOSS self-hostable podcasting platform, which now has Fediverse support too. You can follow at:

➡️ @Castopod

The project website is at

It's still in alpha testing, but the latest version adds ActivityPub support so that people on Mastodon etc. can interact with Castopod posts.

The git is at

@liaizon @FediFollows @inventaire @lesanimauxprennentplace @Les20ansdeSPoart @jeunesvolontaires

It is wonderful to see @Castopod with the potential to break open the market for #podcasts on the #fediverse side.. the other day I read a great article by on "Free Markets" and the situation with #audiobooks and #DRM .. what an awful situation, but how great to know we are able to bring change. Hoping for huge uptake of this!

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