Hey there, a special post today:

@greenfediverse is a project that lets people know which Fediverse instances use environmentally friendly hosting services.

You can see the current list at:

However, the list now has to be updated, and the project urgently needs a script coder to help with this. Can you help?

If you are interested, please DM the project leader at @greenfediverse

@FediFollows @greenfediverse @mhoye hey @JordiGH , is the environmental assessment portion of 👀↑↑ possibly relevant to someone at your $JOB..?

@gnomon @greenfediverse @mhoye This doesn't directly relate to my job (and we use AWS, probably by far the worst hosting service of them all, we estimate they account for most of my own company's GHG scope 3 emissions), but I'd be willing to check out what kind of coding this project needs.

@JordiGH ah, fair, that makes sense! I knew it was a stretch, sorry about that. Thank you so much for even taking a look!

@JordiGH @gnomon @mhoye
nice to see that you guys are interested. i have summarized our ideas and put them into the repository. here is the link:

@FediFollows @greenfediverse + for for rejecting green(washing) status of Cloudflare/Amazon hosted sites

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