YunoHost is a distro of Linux which makes it as easy as possible to self-host your online services. You can follow at:

➡️ @yunohost (in English and French)

There's a really easy graphical interface, it works on home servers or remote ones, and it supports older/weaker hardware too (e.g. a Pi).

The official site is at

You can see the full app catalogue at

@FediFollows @yunohost

So any plans for YunoHost to host their own Mastodon instance, instead of depending on🤨

@vandys @FediFollows @yunohost why run their own instance for themselves vs joining one that has a large userbase and is well federated?


The Fediverse's bedrock principle is decentralization. They'll block something you want to see, or let through something you hate. Or have problems and you sit there and gnash your teeth.

For a company where their fundamental value proposition is self determination, it's ironic that they don't avail themselves of it.

You do realize Yunohost is made by a community of volunteers, not by a "company"?

It is common for small community projects to outsource some services when they don't have the resources to manage everything by themselves. At least they host their own forum, and they have a Matrix group - which is heaps better than f**"ing Discord.

Here's a thought: if you're feeling strongly about it, you could volunteer for setting up and maintaining their own Fediverse instance... 😉

@vandys @jawsh
Besides, Fediverse apps are only a fraction of what Yunohost provides. Foremost there's an email and XMPP servers built-in. Fediverse apps are optional and are installed by the user - or not.

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