Switching Software is a beginner's guide to help people switch to privacy-friendly FOSS apps and federated services. You can follow at:

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The guide's website is at

Thes a git for the project at

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My fav suggestions were:
1. Handwritten notes, and
2. Visit your public library


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Well... 😁

I think library thing is worth mentioning as most people think libraries are just about physical books.

Most modern libraries also offer ebooks remotely, and some even have video/audio streaming services.

@switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw A project with a privacy mission that tries to get people to use a #Cloudflare service has an inherent integrity & trust problem.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw, where do you suggest non-tech non-geek people find alternatives?

It is not enough to attack something just because you find problems there. You must provide a better alternative too.

@FediFollows @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware It's obviously a gross miscalculation to call Liberapay "imperfect". See for a mountain of evidence showing #Liberapay to be nothing short of reckless with privacy. They feed every privacy abuser in the industry. I do not need to "find alternatives", particularly when they service is that of luxery, plus alternates are given anyway.

@switchingsoftware @mxtthxw @FediFollows it's like saying "You should avoid Google search. Use Bing, it's 'imperfect' but it avoids Google"

@FediFollows @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware Also note that #SwitchingSoftware /conceals/ all the privacy pitfalls in their 100% positive endoresement: which is not only reckless, it's intellectual dishonesty and it betrays the public trust.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw

I'm not endorsing Bing, it is just as bad as Google.

I'm asking YOU to endorse something instead of just trashing other people's options.

(But of course then you would have to admit that whatever you endorse has its own problems.)

@FediFollows @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware "it is just as bad" bingo. That's the problem. You're taking something quite evil, and calling it "imperfect", which is a perversion of reality.

@koherecoWatchdog @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware

Forget what others are suggesting, just tell us what people should use.

Which payment method should people use?

Which search engine should people use?

@koherecoWatchdog @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware

Yes you DO need to provide alternatives.

A lot of FOSS projects are funded by Liberapay. Where do they get their money from if people stop using the platform?

Do you think FOSS projects should be defunded?

Do you think FOSS projects should switch to Patreon? Or Paypal?

If you trash stuff without thinking through the implications, you may be making the situation much worse.

@FediFollows @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw No, I don't. Having a middle man to handle your money is a non-essential luxury. Endorsing a service that works against the stated mission of the project is a betrayal and it's worse than no endorsement at all.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw

So, you are okay with FOSS projects being defunded then?

Or do you think FOSS should receive funding by some other method? If so, which method?

@FediFollows @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware Getting rid of the middle man does not imply "defunding". It implies that the money takes a different path. And BTW, read the thread - there are suggested alternates anyway.

@koherecoWatchdog @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware

So, how do you think people should be sending money to projects they want to support?

You seem to be reluctant to answer?

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw

No, you are replying to my post so please give your answer in this thread.

@koherecoWatchdog @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware

I'm sorry, that's not how things work.

You can't just reply to my post, trash someone else's work, trash me, and then tell people to read your thread somewhere else.

Just give some short simple suggestions for better alternatives? Or maybe you don't have any suggestions?

@FediFollows @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw "I'm sorry, that's not how things work." <= repeating that whole thread here in mastodon microblogs is not how things work. Create a codeberg account and discuss there.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw

If you're so interested in that thread, why are you posting in my thread?

Why are you so willing to repeatedly post criticism in my thread, but completely refuse to post suggestions?

@FediFollows @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware your thread was about endorsing Switching sw, not endorsing Liberapay. I gave a variety of reasons swiso is problematic (LP is just one of them). I also pointed to a comparison of other similar projects, which compared their adherence to their own stated missions.

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@FediFollows, one alternative I have in mind is fosspay:

It still requires Stripe which is proprietary though but it indeed drops the Cloudfare dependency. Obviously self-hosting is not an option for everyone however.

Cc: @koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw

@cnx @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw @FediFollows #Fosspay is clearly a better choice than #Liberapay. Avoiding #Paypal is a big plus. But I must say when we compare fosspay to liberapay, it's only sensible is consider liberapay as software (not the service). All the evil with liberapay is with the service, which is what #swiso shamefully endorses. Anyway, fosspay sw is still better for favoring #Swipe over #Paypal.

@koherecoWatchdog @cnx @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw

You can use Stripe on Liberapay, but not every country offers Stripe.

That's why Liberapay offer Paypal, because in some countries there is no alternative.

This is all discussed in the issue that the Liberapay founder created on this topic:

They are literally asking for alternatives, why don't you participate there and try to make improvements?

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw what's wrong with cloudflare privacy? I did a search, but there's no obvious reasons to tar and feather them as abusers.

@switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw @dpwiz One thing that people tend to despise is that #Cloudflare doxxed a child abuse whistle blower. That is, someone reported an offending CF site to CF, and CF then disclosed their identity to the site owner, who then published it so users of that site could retaliate. When Matthew Prince (the CEO) was confronted about it, he said the whistle blower "should have used a fake name".

@dpwiz @mxtthxw @FediFollows @switchingsoftware Would you trust Cloudflare to handle your sensitive financial data knowing that? This is what #Liberapay is exposing people to, with endorsement from #swiso contrary to their mission statement.

@dpwiz @switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw it goes through both. #Cloudflare sees all traffic that goes through #liberapay, which includes who pays who, payment amounts, and payment schedule. You can't trust the padlock, which only indicates a secure tunnel from your browser to CF, not to


Aha, Cloudflare is used to persecute whistle-blowers also,

DID YOU KNOW: #Cloudflare helped to build the #closedSilo, that produced the #ChristchurchMassacre ?

Funny how they quickly want us to forgot that, but the #Jan6 distraction is milked to the hilt.

Delete Cloudflare


ɸ #Cloudflare, #Facebook are used to #rig the #elections. The #Clintons, #Mueller, the FIBS control the digital #PKI keys to the net via Cloudflare since around 2000 and it is connected to #Crowdstrike , used to attack patriots.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @verita84 @Agrandmaster @Hitler @sourcex @bohofromthegetgo @samuraikid @xman103

╬ Crowdstrike created the #fake #Russia fingerprints on behalf of the Intelligence community. They are also running the #Google #CIA #AI Project #Manhattan, also known as Project #Dragonfly. It is a social credit #control system. They are also inter-connected with #Bitcoin, a #US #Pentagon #British Empire project on Diego Garcia Island, connected to Goldman Sachs & the #Rothschild Banking Cartel.

All this is connected to Welcome Trust, to GlaxoSmithKline, to MERK, to The Network of Global Corporate Control which created via the #AshkeNAZI #Crypto Jew #Gates, #CEPI alliance, ( #China financed #WHO & terrorist #Tedros) via AshkeNAZI #Fauci & their allies the fake #chimera#virus ” which they falsely call “ Covid19 ”.

The coronavirus does not exist. It is a mere set of #genetic sequences mounted into the nano-lipids which are transported into the #body via #rGO which is #deadly and causes all the symptoms they are falsely calling a “ #coronavirus ” or “ #Covid19 ”.

∆ ∑ Φ ♦ ∑ ∆

@koherecoWatchdog @mxtthxw @FediFollows @switchingsoftware That's one big list. But it could be way shorter if all the captcha stuff would be on its own page. The remaining has some interesting points between all the chaff.

Ironically, they claim Tyranny of convenience while clinging to convenient, but not SotA, tech.

@dpwiz @switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw what's "SotA"? Cloudflare victims are quite far from "clinging to convenient" - some of them are inconvenienced to the point of having to walk away.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw Tor is a convenient bundle of multiple things. For example you should use something like Wireguard to evade your ISP.

@dpwiz @mxtthxw @FediFollows @switchingsoftware You've grossly misunderstood the Tyranny of Convenience to the point that you seem to think you've absorbed Tim Wu's essay just from a mere reading of the title. You should read it. He opposes the idea that convenience is always good but also states "It would be perverse to embrace inconvenience as a general rule. But when we let convenience decide everything, we surrender too much"

@switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw @dpwiz It's a good essay on how monopolistic corps exploit convenience. Tor liberates its users but not merely through convenience. On the contrary, Tor is actually inconvenient as its users often get mistreated. Tor is a tool to *counter* some the problems that Wu identifies. And btw, Tim Wu is the same guy who coined the term #netneutrality, which Tor facilitates.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw Anyway, I'd prefer gnunet-like overlay networks and simpler protocols and formats like Gemini. Tor is still convenient enough to use outdated protocols serving bloated content at nice speeds.

CorpoFlare et al. are here to stay. If you *really* want to win this one - pack your stuff, get your friends and walk away.

@dpwiz @mxtthxw @FediFollows @switchingsoftware To say that Tor is only practical for outdated protocols grossly misunderstands Tor. Perhaps you're conflating transport layer w/protocol? Tor is TCP-only but that doesn't impose an age on protocol nor does TCP imply bloat. There are both old and new protocols that use TCP. There are both old & new protocols that use UDP.

@switchingsoftware @FediFollows @mxtthxw @dpwiz A blind claim that Tor is only convenient in "outdated" protocols is unfounded. Which modern protocols are you saying Tor is inconvenient or sluggish for? Cloudflare being "here to stay" is very poor rationale for supporting #Cloudflare. #Amazon, #Google, #Facebook, & #Microsoft are also here to stay but this does not justify empowering them. It does not justify #swiso lying to ppl.

@koherecoWatchdog @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw @dpwiz

PLEASE stop accusing people of lying in my thread if you are not going to offer practical alternatives that non-tech people can use.

Self-hosting is not an option, status quo is not an option.

@dpwiz @mxtthxw @FediFollows @switchingsoftware if "pack your stuff" & "walk away" is a metaphor for boycott #Cloudflare, that's indeed what I do. I boycott all of #MACFANG. But this is not about me; it's about #switchingSoftware, who is betraying their readers by lying to them about the openness of the #Cloudflare site that they endorse & by concealing the pitfalls which directly contradicts the #SWISO mission.

@koherecoWatchdog @dpwiz @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware


This is about ordinary users wanting simple, easy to use alternatives. is trying to offer them.

You are not.

If you don't offer alternatives, then you are not helping the users.

If you walk away, those users stay there and we all suffer, because their data inevitably leads to our own data.

We are not social islands, if my friend's address book ends up on Facebook's servers then my number is there too.

@koherecoWatchdog @dpwiz @mxtthxw @switchingsoftware

It's very much like the pandemic: unless we help others, we are not safe either.

@FediFollows @switchingsoftware @mxtthxw @dpwiz you are not helping others by lying to them, first and foremost. You have to trust them with the truth. False statements are wholly inexecusable, as is the deception of hiding such obvious pitfalls as that listed in bug 141

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