It's often assumed that because Twitter has a larger userbase than the Fediverse, that accounts would automatically get more followers there.

However, many accounts (especially FOSS projects) have more followers here on the Fediverse.

Some examples (as of 26th July 2021):

@fdroidorg has 10.8k vs 7.33k on Twitter

@k9mail has 1.57k vs 680 on Twitter

@Minetest has 1.39k vs 785 on Twitter

If you know any Libre projects that are yet to join the Fedi, please ask them to give it a go!


I have been thinking about opening an account for #Flameshot, a popular #FOSS screenshot tool, to post some announcements and tips and tricks. But considering that we are not as big as Fdroid, I’m not sure if users want to want it.

Should I open an account for Flameshot?



Go for it, I would be glad to promote it!

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