Comradery is a new Patreon-style payment platform aimed at individuals and co-operative organisations. It's still in development, but you can follow the latest updates at:

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Their website is at

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So awesome what they are building! I wish them (= the creatives owning it now and in the future) lots of success!

@sasha_sorokin @FediFollows for now! we have an in-progress payment stack that is much more independent and works with multiple payment processors. don't blame you if you want to wait.

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This issue comes up every time I have mentioned @Liberapay too.

It's not the fault of Comradery or Liberapay, it's just the way the world is right now: the only practical worldwide payment services for small players are Stripe or PayPal, that's why so many sites use them.

Liberapay's lead developer opened it as an issue on his own git to find more ethical alternatives, but the suggestions so far (bartering, cryptocurrencies) just aren't practical for most people.

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(I would be really, really happy to be proved wrong on this, that's partly why I posted it 😁 )

@FediFollows @sasha_sorokin @Liberapay yes, though we are going to be using fewer of Stripe's built-in API tools over time, such as batching subscriptions on our own server, triggering monthly subscription API calls, etc, and this will allow simultaneous Paypal and Stripe payments + eventually a third "high risk" processor for users who are creating NSFW works.

@FediFollows @sasha_sorokin @Liberapay ultimately it's true that it's not possible to become an international bank, and we will have to use services like that as well as services to calculate sales tax and can't do that in house.

@FediFollows @comradery @sasha_sorokin @Liberapay I really hope that #Taler will develop in the future, and that we will be able to make privacy respecting payments online!

@comradery @sasha_sorokin @FediFollows I'll bring this up at one of our meetings, but I have a lot of vulnerable people donating to me that cannot afford to be leaked, for example. I'd rather we just use Stripe until our payment infrastructure is extremely, extremely, secure. Even though they are not NSFW friendly, I don't want my supporters credit cards to be hosted on some flimsy server, so would rather just suck it up and deal with Stripe for now

@blindscribe @sasha_sorokin @FediFollows glad you brought this up, to be clear - we're never going to hold bank or payment information on our server, ever. We don't have the security infrastructure of a bank. It's only about how we handle the logic of when and how payments happen and when API calls are made. Every user who uses Stripe will have their info secured on Stripe.

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I launched #delightful project and one of its sub-lists is delightful #funding also by me.

As you can see it is not well-maintained (time constraints, co-maintainers most welcome 🤗 ), but I have collected a large list of good stuff:

There's some payment providers on there. Of Stripe-like calibre is in the EU, but there's the #foss

PS. Is #comradery in right category?

@humanetech hi there! I think Comradery would better fit in the crowdfunding/fundraising category, (not self hosted). Thanks!

@comradery done! I already thought so, but was going in a rush from your landingpage description.

"Collect money from your subscribers on Comradery, a payment platform that is democratically owned and controlled by every creator who uses it."

On the whole the landing page does not quickly convey what exactly you have to offer. Comparison to Patreon gives a clue, but mentions of payment is confusing. Plus the landing page addresses Creators, not Supporters. A 2-column hero design may show both.

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