#introduction Comradery is a new subscription payment platform that is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by every creator who uses it. Learn more about us and sign up for early access to be a creator at comradery.co

@comradery no mention of liberapay as another alternative on your home page, just a focus on Patreon as bad?

@nik Liberapay is great, they are doing something different than us and Patreon. Currently on Liberapay you can only accept donations and there are no locked posts, which are legally 'digital goods' that we automatically calculate taxes for. There are several donations-only services with no fees at all for this reason.

The problem I have with Liberapay is that you can only receive if you have a PayPal or stripe account, since Mangopay kicked them out. I have neither, and won't. How's that with you? Any privacy friendly options like SEPA transfers?


@IzzyOnDroid @comradery @nik

Liberapay themselves opened an issue on alternative payment suggestions in 2019, it's still open now:


If you have suggestions please do let them know, they are literally asking for alternatives.

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