Nitrokey sell privacy-friendly FOSS security keys, smartphones, laptops etc. You can follow at:

➡️ @nitrokey

Their website is at

Nitrokey's latest product is the NitroPhone, a de-googlised Android smartphone with GrapheneOS pre-installed. More info at

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@FediFollows As a user of GrapheneOS, and cybersecurity researcher, I approve.

The web installer for GrapheneOS is very simple to use. What advantage does this have over just installing it yourself?

@lazarwolfe @FediFollows I didn't say it had an advantage. Personally, I use CLI to install. However, now that you mention it, it would be a lot easier for new users to get on board without being scared of installing a phone OS.

I agree its a fantastic project. I suppose anything that spreads the word should be considered a win.

@lazarwolfe @inference

Being able to buy a device with a pre-installed OS is much, much easier for most people. Pre-installed OSes reach a wider audience.

Also, I think the NitroPhone has the option of having microphones physically disconnected (you can ask for this option when ordering, the idea is you can use a headset when you want to talk).

@FediFollows @lazarwolfe Both of your points you made are valid.

If Linux was pre-installed on PCs, Windows wouldn't be the dominant OS. If GrapheneOS was pre-installed on phones, Android wouldn't have anywhere near as many insecurities as it does.

@FediFollows @lazarwolfe It also attracts people who have a high threat model, such as Edward Snowden. Governments and other parties should be held accountable, so anything which assists with that is a good thing.

@FediFollows @nitrokey I wholeheartedly promote the use of FIDO2 wherever possible.
Unfortunately NitroKey only has one model that does FIDO2 and it only does FIDO2. So an excellent second key backup option, but not as flexible as a Yubikey ... yet. Let's hope there's more coming, we still need a FIDO2 capable key with biometrics.

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