Cryptomator is a free open app that lets you add an end-to-end encrypted folder to your existing cloud service. You can follow at:

➡️ @cryptomator

Cryptomator works with popular cloud services such as @nextcloud, DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud etc.

The app is for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad from

@FediFollows @cryptomator @nextcloud Note that #Cryptomator is not really open-source the last time I looked at it:

…though… seeing the links there, the situation may seem to have changed actually? 😮

@rugk @cryptomator @nextcloud

I am pretty sure this is free and open source now, see the last message of the issue here which is now closed:

"We've made it!"

The licence listed on the git front page is GPL 3, which is FOSS 👍

@FediFollows @cryptomator @nextcloud Texte überfliege ich, bevor ich sie teile, dieses Programm konnte ich noch nicht ausprobieren. Ich teile das, weil ich freie Programme gut finde, und, dass es solche Programme gibt.


The Cryptomator website says it's available from F-droid. The F-droid website disagrees.


I think the F-Droid link on the Cryptomator website adds a new repo, so it might not be on the F-Droid website because it's not on the default repo?

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