Fairphone make smartphones that are as ethical as possible. You can follow them at:

➡️ @Fairphone

Fairphone has:

-Fair wages and conditions for everyone involved, including those digging raw materials

-Recycled materials as far as possible

-Parts user repairable/upgradable as far as possible

-Hardware and software support as long as possible

-Support for de-googled OSes, incl. partnership with @e_mydata

More info at

p.s. The latest model, the Fairphone 4, was announced today. If you have to buy a new smartphone soon, you might want to consider the FP4:

By the way, the previous models are still supported too, you can still buy user-replaceable modules for the Fairphone 3 (2019) and the Fairphone 2 (2015) from to keep your existing fairphone going.

(The Fairphone 1 wasn't modular, in case you're wondering why it's not on the list.)

The most asked questions are answered in the livestream's Q&A session (at about 30 minutes into the stream), I would strongly recommend watching that part.

Here's a tl/dr:

-Yes, a degoogled version will be available through @e_mydata

-Yes there's a microSD card slot, up to 2tb

-Yes, it's still modular and user-repairable, it has more modules than before incl. USB C port

-It's 5G for sake of future proofing

-No, there's no headphone jack, but you can use an adaptor to plug into USB C port

@FediFollows is FP4 open or does it have a locked bootloaser? Be a shame to install Google’s spyware on it.

@jawsh @mostly_linux

The CEO discusses OSes in the Q&A session, they partner with @e_mydata to sell degoogled devices for those who want more privacy. /e/ sells new Fairphones with degoogled android straight out of the box, you never even need to install anything. You can also install /e/ on an existing Fairphone yourself.

I think the bootloader is either open or they will open it on request, either way they encourage alternative OSes (they even used to make one in-house for the Fairphone 2).

@FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata Do they support north america?

I don't know enough about the cell-phone radios to be able to deduce myself.

@psiie @Fairphone @e_mydata

Short answer: no.

Long answer:

They were asked about this in the launch Q&A session, the CEO said they are just too small as a company to expand outside Europe yet.

However, if you are able to get someone to buy a Fairphone on your behalf, it may work with networks outside Europe. (But there's no official support for this.)

Best action might be to check the Fairphone community forum( to see if anyone has used a Fairphone in North America.

@g @Fairphone @e_mydata

Yes, this was raised in the launch event Q&A, the CEO said they would love to be selling outside Europe too, but as a small independent company they just don't have the resources (yet).

Reading between the lines of what she said, I think they're trying to do steady sustainable growth rather than fast and unsustainable.

@FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata That's cool; I understand. Can't wait for it to come to the USA!

@FediFollows Please be fair and mention concurrent products as well. I know Shiftphone. Shiftphones can, unlike Fairphones, be rooted without initial internet contact while Google services are still active. To some extent Linux phones meet similar demandments. @Fairphone @e_mydata

@mupan @Fairphone @e_mydata @FediFollows I am uing a google-free shiftphone and I am very happy with the device. In contrast to fairphone, spare parts are really available if you need them.

@krummelaake @Fairphone @e_mydata @mupan

."In contrast to fairphone, spare parts are really available"

That's a little unfair, Fairphone has spare parts for all their models going right back to 2015:

@FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata @mupan

no, they do not. I was using a fairphone 2 since 2016. It is still in perfect condition - apart from the microphone module. Exactly this modul is not available anymore. Against the promise to support the ff2 for at least 3 more years after the introdcuction of the ff3. The missing spare part was the one and only reason I could not use the phone anymore. - In sharp contrast shiftphone gives me an extended warranty + a five years guarantee for all spare parts. Thats the difference and the reason why I am using shiftphone right now.
@FediFollows @Fairphone @e_mydata Unfortunately, Fairphone is massively geographically limited.
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