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Facebook already have a UK deputy prime minister as a Vice President 😫 He's the British guy you may have seen defending Facebook on the media recently.

Would not be surprised if we see more lawmakers taking jobs there (or at Google, or Amazon, or Apple etc etc) in the future.

There are so many fields where this happens: lawmakers/regulators do a weak job, retire, then go to highly paid job in the sector they were supposed to regulate. But this obviously isn't a bribe...

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You also have to remember Christopher Wylie did some stuff for the Lib Dems before Cambridge Analytica. There's no accounting for the old boys networks in the UK and US. Online reflects the social and political structures of offline.
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I'm really sorry, I should have CWed this for politics 😔

@FediFollows @rune @meena @rysiek To be fair, Nick Clegg left politics as the most hated party leader in Britain (quite an achievement when Nigel Farage was around), so they don't exactly have a good record for picking "winners"...

@FediFollows There's Chris Sgro, current spokesperson, a former member of the North Carolina State House of Representatives (Democrat).

The company's trying to get embedded with political parties everywhere.

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@dredmorbius @FediFollows @rune @meena also, Erika Mann, German MEP that then run Facebook's Brussels office:

Perhaps we should document this all somehow.

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