ForgeFriends (aka FedeProxy) is a federated free open git for software development, using the Fediverse's ActivityPub protocol. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @forgefriends

The project website is at and there's more details about how it works at


As far as I looked in the Forgefriends website, there is no mention to the ForgeFed protocol that aim to do the exact same thing (

Does Forgefriends support this protocol? Otherwise, why (technical reason, other)?


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I am not sure what the situation is with these two projects, there seems to be some discussion about it here:

Sounds like they might be slightly different things?

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@FediFollows @roipoussiere @forgefriends…

> The software projects hosted on one forge are synchronized in real time with their counterparts on other forges, via the W3C ActivityPub protocol.

It is not mentioned explicitly, but the vocabulary it uses to transfer project activities over ActivityPub is in fact ForgeFed.

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Yes, it's not mentioned explicitly, and I don't understand why. 😁

The fact that ForgeFriends uses the ForgeFed protocol is a good new, because it's really important for the compatibility with other forges. So it should me more explicit imho.

Knowing that ActivityPub protocol is used is not enough, because AP was not designed to federate forges.

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